Canna-Card-Clinic Date Changed to October 30th 10/7/2013 0 Comments Our Canna-Card-Clinic has been rescheduled to a day later – Wednesday, October 30, 2013. I hope that enables some of you to make it! We’re booking appointments for 11:45 and later. Get pre-approved, get your card. $125 for the first 20 to be qualified and scheduled. Call 541-981-2620 for a free consult to gain more information. 0 Comments “Rhea Replies” 10/4/2013 0 Comments Today Sally asked, “What is the best use for ‘seedy weed’?” Rhea’s reply? “Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, of course! The seeds are an added benefit when it comes to SCRs.” Call and make your appointment to have your harvest converted this year. We’re really getting busy, but we’ll certainly get to your order as early as possible. Cannabis needs to be dry to be processed, and be free of mold. You know we’re having a doctor here again on October 29th, right? Get your records to us or come in and sign a records release and we’ll fax it to your doctor’s office. You must be pre-approved to see the doctor. Click HERE 0 Comments HIPAA at the Clinic 10/3/2013 0 Comments Today was our first OMMP clinic, and as I said on our facebook page, it was “wildly successful!” It was so nice to meet the people we had only talked to on the phone, and it was also great to see some of our regular patients who were able to renew today. It is always rewarding to help the new cardholders get set up and ready to move forward in controlling their pain or other ailment, and we were able to do that, too. The thing that really stood out the most in my mind at the end of the day was this. At one point during the clinic, there were two women in the waiting area who had gone to the same small high school and graduated a year or two apart. They didn’t recognize each other as I had hoped they would, and due to the confidential nature of healTHCare and HIPAA one would never pipe up and say, “hey, look who is here that you might know!” I thought it might have been nice for them to be able to compare notes on using Smokeless Cannabis Remedies (SCRs) and the like … but it just wasn’t to be so. I also met the son of “a kid I went to school with” and would love to tell his father what a nice family he has, but that’s out of the question too. It’s such a small world, and this world is waking up to the benefits of Smokeless Cannabis Remedies and that makes me happy! Our second clinic will be on October 29th. Who can you send to us to get pre-qualified and scheduled? We will fax the records request to the patients doctor, the patient must first sign it though. If need be, we can email you the form to fill out and return. The first 20 who are prequalified and scheduled will only pay $125 (cash) all others will pay $150. If paid by card, a 3% fee will apply. What are you waiting for? Contact us by clicking HERE or call 541-981-2620. All calls are returned. 0 Comments Roaches, anyone? 9/22/2013 0 Comments Picture I stumbled across an article and it really shook me to the core. Here China is using the bug that everyone in the world despises to treat cancer, all the while the world is holding the plant hostage that has the cure within it. That’s despicable. What on Earth are our leaders thinking? And now … 1.5 million of these little dears have escaped and are making their way into homes and farms. Do you suppose they will make their way aboard the Dollar Tree and WalMart ships? You bet they will, easily stepping into your home if you shop there. Isn’t it ironic that this person, Wang Pengsheng, is wanting them for their extract … Enter the Cannabis plant … it doesn’t gross everyone out and make you scratch your head wondering how to exterminate it. It’s never killed anyone from an overdose, and it kills cancer and does away with inflammation. How crazy is it that people are turning to bugs when all they need is some Cannabis Oil? Keep teaching the truth! Photo credit: Stanford University 0 Comments Doctor Consults are filling fast! 9/17/2013 0 Comments We have just a couple seats left for the $25 off your doctor’s consultation, so you will want to hurry up and get your paperwork submitted and approved. We are currently scheduled to have the doctor here doing consultations on October 2nd and 29th. Those dates may or may not change. Call now to arrange to get your Release of Information or call to get the fax number. Either way, you need to get your paperwork together right quick-like so we can get this show on the road! We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon. As you know, we’re open Tuesday through Saturday 11 am – 6:30 p.m., and our number is 541-981-2620. 0 Comments Harvest Shears 9/12/2013 0 Comments Picture Picture We are excited to announce the arrival of some incredibly sharp harvest shears at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research. Here are two of what we have on hand, and we are able to get many more “makes and models”. Let us know your needs, and we will strive to meet them. Also … Be sure to get on our email list to receive our Harvest Specials before they are announced to the general public! 0 Comments If A Peacock Finds A Pot Leaf 9/6/2013 0 Comments Picture As you know, we are pretty fond of our Lending Library at Albany’s Canna Kitchen. We were recently blessed with an autographed copy of, “If A Peacock Finds A Pot Leaf” written by Morgan Carman, age 17, and illustrated by her mother Geneva. This book helps teach children about the medical uses of Cannabis using various animals (and a spider!) as the characters. I highly encourage you to check it out from our library, and if you like you may even purchase a signed copy for yourself. The website for the book can be found HERE if you would like to check it out. 0 Comments Second Doctor Consults Set For October 29th 9/4/2013 0 Comments If you are unable to schedule for October 2nd, the doctor will also be visiting on October 29th, 2013. You will need to get your records from your medical provider for your condition. Contact us to obtain the Release of Information form, or download it HERE. Let us help you feel better! 0 Comments The Doctor is in on 2 October 2013, here’s your Release of Info form!