Which remedy do I use?  By Rhea Graham 

For every problem, there is a Smokeless Cannabis Remedy.  The trick is in knowing which one to use and when.  Part of that trick is having medication that can be used during the day and night; we all know that pain can rear its ugly head at any time.  Pain isn’t the only problem we encounter, there are also sleep issues to conquer. 

If you can touch where your pain is, a topical remedy will often get rid of the pain almost instantly.  Depending on what is causing your pain, you may need liniment, a salve or even some massage oil.  Cold sores and bone pain as well as shingles all get liniment as the first line of treatment, typically followed by salve.  Muscle pain and just “owies” get salve.  Massage oil is good anytime, anywhere. 

If you can’t touch your pain, a capsule or suppository is likely going to be your best bet.  If your pain is in your back, Cannabis suppositories are your best bet.  I know it sounds crazy, just take my word for it!  They work within a few minutes and the relief they offer is out of this world.  Suppositories are also amazing for nausea and insomnia.  We treat a lot of cancer patients with CannaSupps because you can dose patients much higher rectally without the head high.  Capsules take about an hour to kick in; yet still they are the most chosen remedy.   

If sleep is your issue, your remedy will vary depending on if it is getting to sleep, staying asleep or going back to sleep that is your fight.  If you can’t go to sleep, a bit of sleep elixir will be your new best friend. If you need something to last a bit longer to keep you asleep, you’ll need a capsule.  If you can’t go back to sleep once you wake, then a suppository is your best bet. When your sleep dose is correct, you will awaken ready to get out of bed and meet the world; when it’s too high you’d rather just lay in bed a bit longer upon waking. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Cannabis as Medicine, call Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research to schedule your $40 consult. The number remains 541-981-2620. 

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