Closer every day! Gramsterdam here we come! 12/4/2014 0 Comments Picture I adore this picture of us … thank you for enjoying it with me! What is new you ask? Well, we’re staying right where we are and will run Albany’s Canna Kitchen and Gramsterdam both out of Suite 1. We’re getting our walls up and painted and things are going smoothly. Everything is a total mess and chaos, but we are making great progress and it’s a smooth mess, so that is fine, right? We’re getting excited about the different products we will be able to offer. Kendra showed me a truffle recipe today that made my mouth water, let me tell you what! We may have to do some seasonal things such as those. The most important and exciting thing is the variety of capsules that we will be able to offer cardholders! Our Morphine Replacement Capsules, as I call them, are simply magic for those in severe pain. We will be making them in different strengths, and they will be priced accordingly. Our business model is different than what anyone else is doing. We will still be able to convert YOUR Cannabis to Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, OR you will be able to purchase remedies that we make from Cannabis we have purchased or been given. We will be basing our prices on our costs; capsules will not all be the same price, and the prices will change according to costs. Yes, most prices will be going up – our costs have increased significantly since we opened our doors on 11/11/11 and we have not increased prices since December 1, 2012. If you are an organic grower and have excess plant matter that you wish to donate or sell at the best price possible and help keep prices down, you will be a hero both to us and a number of patients! We would be happy to put up a “wall” or page and show names and or pictures of the wonderful people and plant matter they have donated if donors are interested. I’m not just talking bud … we do great things with leaf and trim as well! And then there are “Freshies!” We also need organic growers who wish to provide fresh organic leaf once or twice a week. These are vital for people making smoothies as well as juicing them. If you are interested, please let me know – both patients and growers! The leaves are AMAZING in smoothies! You do not taste them, you do not get high, and if that is the only way you are using Cannabis, you will not fail a UA for THC. Please, please help us make “Freshies” a part of Gramsterdam! The excitement builds – we’re looking forward to opening our doors to all cardholders and not just those who we are caregivers to. Are you getting excited, too? Please tell a friend! AND – do you or they need to see the doctor this month? We have seats we really need to fill for Tuesday December 9th and Friday December 19th. No money till January? We can hold your paperwork until you pay for your doctor visit; you have 90 days for the OMMP to receive your paperwork. Thank you for the read … hitting the like button below shows me that you care! 0 Comments It’s getting exciting! 11/13/2014 0 Comments We are getting very close to having our provisional license for Gramsterdam, how exciting! I had an email from Erin and my background check is back already and that was the last thing needed. Now we need to get a contractor kind of person in there and get some remodeling done. I am hopeful as EB told me today that she has someone in mind for us. If that doesn’t work out, do YOU know of anyone that builds interior walls and rooms and lowers ceilings?! We would like to use someone that comes with a good recommendation, I’ve not had the best of luck in the past. Otherwise, I will keep you posted, thank you for checking! 0 Comments November 03rd, 2014 11/3/2014 0 Comments If you are on my email list, you have received this in letter form already. If you would like to be on our email list, just click HERE and let me know. As I have said in the past, the only thing that is constant is change! Yes, here it comes again. I’m sure you wish we would just make up our mind … but there’s more to it than that. It’s a huge decision to become a dispensary or not and I have finally made my mind up that we will in fact open a dispensary in Albany. Naturally, it will be mostly Smokeless Cannabis Remedies made by Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC. In the meantime … if we have accepted your order, we will be completing it and contacting you to schedule pickup. If we are your caregiver and have your Cannabis, it will still be available to you as it was … but we may be delayed for a time for making your Smokeless Cannabis Remedies. We are not taking any new orders at the moment, and we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Our capsules are available at several dispensaries, so ask your favorite one to carry them if they aren’t at this time. We have created a “Go Fund Me” account to help with the expansion expenses. If you would like to contribute, the link is For the past three years I have been taking money out of the equity of my home … for these expenses I am going to ask for help and see how that goes. We will be purchasing more equipment as well as getting the facilities in the condition required by the state. Jobs will be created! We are excited about that and are sure others are, too. They may start as volunteer positions and work into paid positions – but soon there will be paying jobs created! Our future plans include continuing to make Custom Smokeless Cannabis Remedies for those who bring in their dry material as well as carrying our full line in other dispensaries as well. The future is very exciting and we look forward to your being a part of it with us! Love, light, and blessings, Rhea, Bess, and Kendra 0 Comments Bud Rot according to Ross 10/5/2014 0 Comments My buddy Ross called a couple of days ago and told me his theory on why bud rot happens where it does on a flowering Cannabis plant. I have to think his theory is right, as I saw evidence of the same in a friends garden. Have you seen those lovely little white ‘butterflies’ that flitter around your yard? Ross said they start coming around in June or July and they lay their eggs on the plant. Later after it rains, the buds rot in that same place. The rotting bud is easily identifiable by the dying foliage around it. Ross proposes you spray your plants as soon as you see the pesky white butterflies in the Spring. He gave the name of the chemical he suggests. I wrote it down, but the note is at work; I’ll update this later with a comment so you can find out and research it. Me, I’m going to get a butterfly net … I’ll play catch and release. Perhaps we could take those pesky critters to where the invasive species bloom and cut down their reproduction some how. For you growers, this is a great tip – I really think he hit the nail on the head with his finding, thanks for calling, Ross! 0 Comments Tea, anyone? 9/17/2014 0 Comments If you’ve been to our shop, you might know I’m a tea drinker these days. I prefer using the loose-leaf mint to make mine, not only is it less expensive, it tastes great! Recently, however, I’ve begun drinking fresh leaf “pot-tea” (LOL) in the evenings. YUM! I was blessed with some fresh leaf that I enjoy using in a smoothie, so I decided to try some in tea. I cut the leaves up and put it in the pan to boil on low for about 15 minutes and then let it steep for several more minutes. It smells like “grass” (more than Cannabis) and even tastes a bit like it, but oh my has it done wonders for making me drowsy and ready for bed well before the 2 a.m. when I usually crawl in! Why oh why did I wait until the end of the outdoor season to try this?! Typically it is said that you need a fat to bind with the Cannabis for it to have any effect. That would be the effects of the THC that is being discussed. It is not a high effect that I am feeling when using this tea, it is a relaxed, warm, all-is-well feeling instead. I like it. I’ll continue to do it as long as I can get fresh leaf to enjoy. I’m also going to try it with dry leaf that I know has been organically grown with no spray or chemical fertilizers. I do know that adding a fat to the mixture will add the high effect, so if that’s what you are after, you can add some cream, coconut oil, butter or any other naturally occurring fat to the mix for the THC to bind with. Blessings all, have a beautiful day! Picture 0 Comments What a great week 9/6/2014 2 Comments Every week is a great week, but when it’s your birthday it’s even better! Now that I’m past the golden age of 50, only “the big ones” get celebrated with any noise, so every five years or so I’ll have to share my birthday cake. Oops! That’s not what I meant to say. As Kendra would tell you, “it’s no good, you wouldn’t want any!” Love that girl, she has become “quite the one” in the kitchen. This week brought several calls from dispensaries in the area with orders, so that is always exciting! Cannabis LLC, in Springfield, Oregon, will be getting a nice variety pack on Monday. We have sure enjoyed our visits the times we’ve been there. Their clone selection was certainly the biggest one I’ve seen with a huge selection of different strains! Please be sure and check them out at 1936 Main St., Springfield, OR 97477 if you’re in the area. You cannot miss the bright green trim, which can be helpful! It’s difficult to spot us … the City Councilmen and former editor of the newspaper drove by three times trying to find us, but I digress. Kendra is working diligently on getting some face, skin, and deodorant products made. For the deodorant, we will offer both with and without wax since it’s the end of summer. It does not travel well without wax … and not 100% well even with wax, but it wears like a dream! It is all I have used for well over a year, and I am still using the same 4 ounce jar I bought and I still have a lot in it. Yes it is Cannabis infused, yes, that is important! Your skin is your largest organ and your lymph nodes are right there, saturate your body! Speaking of saturating our bodies… Our Suppositories are sure selling quickly in the dispensaries, have you tried them yet? Knock out! They really deliver a one-two, good night punch with a super easy wake up in the morning. They can also be used for daytime pain relief when made for day relief, so if that is a viable dosing option for you, use it. I just received an order for lots of them through one dispensary, so our supply will be low for a week or so. They are carefully made and cured for best results. Our current salve is “the bomb” as always. I am just needing a volunteer to show me the math and leave me with notes so I can get the labels done properly. Help! It has great numbers, this much I know, including THC, CBD, and more. It’s bedtime for me! Yes, I used mine 15 minutes ago, goodnight! 2 Comments Green Cross – Brownsville, Oregon, Sunday evening 8/31 8/29/2014 2 Comments I’ve been working diligently to get some samples together for Sunday. I think people will be pleased with the sample bags we’re bringing. At this time, I’m thinking the first 20 people will get a sample of capsules, tincture, salve, and depending on the weather, a suppository or two. If it’s too hot I won’t be bringing them, they don’t survive the heat. I will offer a “raincheck” to the lucky 20 though … come in and get it later if need be! I’ve inserted the link to the newspaper article for this picture and the event on Sunday below. I think this is such an awesome picture of Gayle and Randy, the owners of the dispensary that the city of Brownsville is not allowing to open at this time. I do hope we can help to get the city councilors educated. Their response has been that patients can drive to Eugene or Albany or wherever to get their Cannabis. I wonder how they would feel if the same situation were posed on them for their needs. When the bank in Brownsville closed … they felt a little bit of it I’m told, but it only involves a drive to Lebanon, not as far as it takes to get legal Cannabis, Smokeless or not! Link to article: Photo by Jesse Skoubo/Democrat-Herald _ Picture 2 Comments What is available where? 8/17/2014 0 Comments Picture We’re beginning to get our products out to the dispensaries … and boy are they ever catching on! It has been pretty awesome to watch the sales climb exponentially each week. 2nd Step Dispensary in Salem has really wowed us with their sales on the 10% THC capsules. Those capsules … are the same blend that I used for pain when I had my extreme dental surgery (two different times). Let me tell you … it’s pretty amazing to be out of pain yet still able to function while taking two capsules every four hours and having no need at all for pharmaceuticals. So currently our products are at Going Green Albany, Going Green West, 2nd Step Dispensary, Eugene Cannabliss, Healing Green MMD, Cherry City Compassion Center, and maybe even more – who knows! Lots more going on, I am working on getting my writing hand going on again… prayers are always appreciated! 0 Comments Why suppositories? 8/6/2014 1 Comment Suppositories are a great way to dose Cannabis for many reasons. I do hope you’ll hear me out. Most people’s initial reaction is, “NO WAY” but once they think about it, or try them, they change their attitude toward them. For those who are suffering from nausea and vomiting are the first people who come to mind as perfect candidates for suppositories … next are those who are suffering from prostate issues. Prostate issues are typically either because they are enlarged (inflamed) or have cancer – Cannabis is the answer to either problem, and suppositories get the oil closest to the problem area fastest. Winning! Enlarged prostates are usually dealt with in about 2 – 3 weeks and you’re sleeping through the night. Imagine that. How do they work? The cannabinoids are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the anal canal walls and go to the liver via the portal vein. Best thing ever! In the liver, it’s not getting metabolized as it does when you ingest it (when it gets metabolized, you get high). Because it’s not getting metabolized… you don’t get high when you use them, so you are able to function normally! Hello! Now, because it is processed differently, it may not work for all concerns. I have heard that it is not an effective treatment for brain cancer when used rectally. Is that because most people who use Cannabis HAVE already pulled their head out?!! Remember, if you are taking pharmaceuticals alongside Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, you will likely need to have your doctor reduce your prescriptions. Canna caps enhance the prescription medication making them work ‘better’ than intended, therefore you need less pain medication, for example. Questions? Please call and make an appointment to get them answered. Our number remains 541-981-2620 … blessings! Picture 9/29/2014: This article was updated to read better … and to add information. Blessings! 1 Comment We’ve missed you! 7/21/2014 0 Comments Picture Holy Smokes. Somehow I messed up my webpage, and I have been unable to get it back to how I had it. Oh the trials and tribulations! We have missed you, those of you whom we have not seen! We’re working on making some changes that will hopefully make access to our products easier for all of you cardholders. What we really need to do is work on REPEALING Cannabis and Hemp Prohibition, so everyone who wants or needs it can have it. You notice I didn’t say work on legalizing it. Legalizing anything does just what the word says… it adds the legal/law to it. And then they plan to tax it just because it’s Cannabis! What a crock! How about we tax the wages that are earned and the products that are sold … not just attack and tax it because it’s Cannabis! 0 Comments When they only hear from four of us … they don’t hear us 5/29/2014 5 Comments Picture On 4/14/2014 I posted and asked that people write to Alayna at the OMMP as they had broadcast a rate reduction, “relating to reduced fees for veterans with disabilities or who receive need-based pensions from the Veterans Administration”. Today I received notice of the hearing they held on April 16th. No one showed up to testify in person but FOUR of us emailed and gave our input. (We didn’t even have to spend a stamp, just a couple of minutes at the keyboard). Since there were four people who stated their opinions, of course we weren’t heard and all that is puppet-ted back to us is ‘the OHA leadership asked for “this”, so “this” is all we are listening to’. The way the BS works, perhaps that’s all they are allowed to listen to, but a nice follow on would have been, “I will let Tawana Nichols, Section Manager (OMMP) know of your concerns!” Instead, I believe they must think, “Naw… we’ll have none of that! We will ignore the fact that you’re on to us and the more than $7 Million a year excess paid in, in fees, by those sick, in pain, and dying”. It’s likely a game to them to see how much they can bilk us for. I admit, this wasn’t my best letter to them – but I am so sick and tired of their outrageous fees when there is such an overage, that I can’t hold my tongue. Below you can read their summary of what the four of us said, their response to our comments, as well as our actual emails. Click on the bottom right corner of the letter and it should make it “full page” for easier reading. If not, please email and I will send you the report if you would like to read it. Next time we’ll make a difference. Right? Thank you. 5 Comments Vote before 8 p.m. tonight! 5/18/2014 0 Comments Picture Today is the last day to cast your vote in the Primary Election. You want there to be competition in November, right? Well, there has to be someone on the ballot. Someone other than John Lindsey would like to be on the County Council. Is the new guy open to allowing people to use a plant to treat their ailments, and having safe local access or is it someone who will also tell Linn County residents to go elsewhere to get their Cannabis? It is important for there to be a lot of votes cast so these people who are “making decisions for our well-being” understand that we Canna-consumers exist, and WE EXERCISE OUR RIGHT TO VOTE! Remember, you don’t even have to put a stamp on it, you just have to get it to the ballot box. There is one right outside the Linn County Courthouse on the South side of the building (5th Ave & Broadalbin). Benton County, Oregon, is this time for your Primary as well? Vote for those who were good to you if you believe in the rest of their platform! You want to do this! The old phrase comes to mind, “there’s power in numbers”. 0 Comments More pain-free dental work 5/18/2014 0 Comments Picture I am happy to smile wide once again, and that delights me! One thing I have not had is pain or swelling. That’s right: no pain, no swelling… and I had nine teeth removed Monday. I stayed home from work Tuesday (I could have gone in, but don’t tell Kendra and Sunny, they did great in my absence!) I’ve been back the last four days and haven’t missed a beat. I took two indica pain caps every four hours for the first three days, then a couple on Thursday, Friday, and one this afternoon. I have to give credit to the surgeon and his staff, Dr Gabriel Kennedy is his name. You can reach him at 541-924-9000. He performs surgery in Albany, Corvallis, and Salem. Please let him know I sent you. This is the third time he has performed surgery on me, and he has done a fantastic job every time. I am also very happy with Aspen Dental here in Albany, and recommend them. The Cannabis plant continues to amaze me every day, even though I see it and hear it literally every single day – this is a miracle plant and needs to be SET FREE! Stand up and shout for the Repeal of Cannabis Prohibition. Trust me, it’s a whole lot better than legalization! Please learn more. 0 Comments Send Tom Burns a letter! 5/7/2014 0 Comments Picture Oregon OMMP patients and sympathizers, it is time for a letter again. Here’s the deal: While we are not a dispensary and this doesn’t appear to directly affect us, Tom Burns and his crew is at it again. He has sent out an email stating that to enter a dispensary, the person must have card in hand, not the application and receipt that has been acceptable for many YEARS. I see this as yet another discriminatory practice against Cannabis patients. When is the last time a doctor recommended something for you that you had to pay the State of Oregon (or any other state) up to $250 for permission to use it? Did you have to wait and get an additional form from the state to use the poison? Nope. It’s getting out of hand, and we can’t just take it sitting down. Yes, I need you to send another letter. Send it to and please bcc us and cc anyone else you can think of (elected and otherwise). We need to ask the question, “why the harassment?” Why all of a sudden isn’t it enough to pay to see the doctor, have the signed paperwork, pay additional postage for certified mail to ensure there is proof of mailing … and now, we have to wait for however long it may take the OHA to process these and get the cards to us? Perhaps Mr Burns doesn’t realize it has taken as long as 3 months in the past … people have to die waiting for the permission slip? Please tell him to GIVE IT UP! We are sick and tired of the harassment! Thank you! Rhea 0 Comments Best news in a long time! 4/23/2014 0 Comments Picture First, a million thanks to all of you who took the time to attend the meetings or write an email or letter or make a phone call – your support is what made the difference. Albany’s Canna Kitchen will be allowed to remain at 2300 Ferry St SW, Suite 1 in Albany, Oregon for the foreseeable future. It was not looking good there for a few days, so it is with a huge sigh of relief that I blog this evening! Many thanks to Albany City Councilors Dick Olsen phone 541-926-7348 (home, email inop) (Ward 1), Ray Kopczynski (Ward 2), Bill Coburn (Ward 2) and Mayor Konopa for voting for the good of the people and allowing Medical Cannabis to be made available to cardholders in Albany, Oregon. We will be submitting a press release in the next couple of days. I’m going to send an email expressing my gratitude to the above mentioned and I hope you will consider doing the same. I also hope you will consider very carefully where you shop … With “all the businesses in the Greater Albany Chamber of Commerce” being against dispensaries in Albany, according to the chamber president Janet Steele, I do hope you will think twice before you support those businesses who are members. At the very least, you should tell them that you would have respected them more for having NO opinion than to have the president stand up and say we can go elsewhere for our medication. Remember, if we can go elsewhere for our medication, we can also go elsewhere for our security systems, personal banking, dentistry, insurance, and the like. Why on Earth would they speak out against a whole class of citizens? So again, a huge sigh of relief and “back at it”. We’ll update you with more in short order. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and Praise the Lord! 0 Comments One more email? 4/19/2014 0 Comments Picture Monday is the next ‘big day’ as far as Albany’s Canna Kitchen and what the future looks like. It will be interesting to see what happens at the City Council Work Session at 4 p.m. at City Hall. Will they allow us to stay, will they say no, or will they go back and determine that there will be a moratorium even though they already said no? Will letters help? I would hope so. The councilors don’t want to hear how or why the medicine works for you, they only want to hear why you should have safe access in Albany. They also need to hear that Albany’s Canna Kitchen should be allowed to stay right where they are since the Building and Planning determined more than two years ago that we are just fine right here… Do you intend to attend the meeting? If not, why not? We would love to hear from you, thank you. 0 Comments The power of three 4/16/2014 0 Comments Picture Monday, it is likely there will be a vote on the future of Albany’s Canna Kitchen in our current location and three voices hold those votes. I don’t know if they hold the vote of their constituents, but at this point, they say “no” they do not want Cannabis businesses in this city. And if they all three say no then it will be up to the mayor and she said that if a decision can’t be reached she will revisit the moratorium issue with a yes vote on it this time. I have called all three of them and asked to discuss this, and two have not returned my calls. Why? Do you live in Ward One or Ward Three? Do you recognize the names Floyd Collins, Bessie Johnson, and Rich Kellum? Call, email, and show up at the meeting on Monday April 21st at 4 PM and let them know that you vote (and remember to do so in November!). But wait a minute, the mayor is the tie-breaking vote. So instead of breaking the tie she’s going to go back and re-vote on a moratorium?? Wow, I know the reply to that, and it would be, “That’s Politics!” It’s not an acceptable answer, but it’s the answer. Politics in such a nice little community. Is that the way that’s supposed to work? 0 Comments Where were you today? Where will you be Monday @ 4? 4/16/2014 0 Comments Picture Roger Nyquist, email: Phone: 541-967-3825 Picture John Lindsey, email: Phone: 541-967-3825 PictureWill Tucker, email: Phone: 541-967-3825 Your Linn County Commissioners obviously didn’t hear you if you told them that safe access to Medical Cannabis in Linn County is important to you. I would certainly think that if there had been 100 of their constituents looking them in the eye today it would have been a bit more difficult for them to say, “Go to Corvallis to get your medicine…” It was pretty easy for them with fewer than 15 showing up in opposition. I was embarrassed at the emptiness of the room. I honestly thought that they would have to move the hearing to a courtroom for lack of standing room. Oh no, it was quite the opposite, they practically could have held court in there in addition to adopting the moratorium. To say that the number of people at the Public Hearing at the Linn County Commissioners Meeting this morning was disappointing would be quite the understatement. I am appalled at the apathy. Do you not care that you will have to drive, at a minimum, to Corvallis to lawfully get your Cannabis and perhaps even Smokeless Cannabis Remedies? Maybe remedies from Albany’s Canna Kitchen won’t be available any more after the city leaders hold their work session Monday, who knows. Who cares? I’d like to hear if you do, and what do you intend to do to preserve that right and ability? We may have some ideas. 0 Comments April 16th, 2014 4/16/2014 0 Comments Picture A quick email to Roger Nyquist,, John Lindsey,, and Will Tucker, might be a good idea first thing this morning. Today is the day they announce their decision on a moratorium on Medical Cannabis dispensaries in Linn County, Oregon at their 10 a.m. meeting in room 200 of the County Courthouse. In your letter, please remind them there have been two dispensaries operating in their jurisdiction for at least a year each and there have been zero police calls. In the city of Albany, we have been processing for patients for over two years with zero police calls. Lots and lots of people know where the businesses are, the Lebanon store has announced they have 1090 patients, so… how much of a problem are we?! While you’re at it, you may as well send it to the Albany City Councilors, they will be meeting publicly again on Monday April 21st at 4 p.m. in the municipal courtroom. Hit like on the way by, their email addresses are three blogs down, or hopefully in your email address book. Please remind them that you vote – and then do it! Blessings to all and to all a good night! 0 Comments Fee Reduction for 100% Disabled Veterans?