More Reefer Madness 9/17/2015 0 Comments Picture You would think that in the year 2015, presenters would be sharper and would check out the information they are portraying as truth. I am highly disappointed in the Town Hall that was held by Rep. Andy Olson, and you should be too. I am sure Andy didn’t prepare the information the police officer presented, but you would think he would ensure they were only putting out truthful information. Wouldn’t you? I am glad that I attended the Town Hall, if nothing else because I think that due to “the rest of us” being there, the tone of the meeting was less “Reefer Madness oriented” than it would have been. The question was asked how many of us have children in school … the majority of the hands were on the board, not in the audience. It was clear, this was to fuel their fears – it would be so nice if they would open their minds to the truth instead of just perpetuating old information and lies. Instead of wasting time on a plant that saves lives instead of taking them, wouldn’t it be nice if they would spend some time teaching the truth about cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, meth, heroin, GMO foods, weather modification and more?!! I do hope that you will all be at the City Council Meeting next Wednesday, September 23rd. It is very important that you represent your feelings on the sale of recreational Cannabis in Albany, now and in the future. Kyle Odegard has written a short article about tonight’s Town Hall, you can find it on Facebook on the Albany Democrat Herald website here: Below, I have posted a YouTube link to “Reefer Madness” just in case you’d like a refresher. Blessings be! 0 Comments More new capsules and items! 9/14/2015 0 Comments I’ve been a bit “out of sorts” for a few days … the reality of Kendra and Charles moving on in their lives and away from here is before me, and it’s not easy. I ask that you forgive me, I haven’t been my usual self … and I ask you for your patience and understanding. Until I get used to my “right hand being gone”… I imagine I’ll be busier in the kitchen during the day and Laura and CJ or Hollie will be in the dispensary and Jason at the desk. My goal is to work less overtime, so I’m going to do what I can to get my work done during working hours and see about generating a life outside the business for the first time since we started. It’s a thought, but I won’t hold my breath! Harvest time will be here before we know it, what are you planning on having made this year? Talk to your friends and see if they want the same thing made … perhaps you’ll want to combine your strains and save on testing costs. Each batch has to be tested, so if they have the same strain and of equal organic quality, it is something to consider. See you soon! 0 Comments Baked Roasted Garlic – Peace! 9/7/2015 0 Comments Picture So … Roasted garlic smells lovely … but I still prefer the *original* Canna Kitchen smell! Since Kendra has handed back the “reins to the range” I’ve been doing some R&D the last couple of nights. One of many recent trials is “Baked Roasted Garlic”. Yes you read that right. This should be yummy. And then there’s Paste. How many of you have had paste and love it? I’m stickin’ with capsules between the two, but if you love it and want it, we can make it. Talk about interesting to eat, and even more interesting to put in a capsule! (Think charm school with “interesting here!”) I made paste in three different mediums with three different starting materials, so we’ll see! I infused them all using the same process (sorry, trade secret) and will be trying it one or more other ways before it’s all said and done. I have prepped these for testing, I am curious of the strength, so I hope to see Billy on Tuesday. I wish it didn’t take a week to get results back! I recently made a batch of super salve in exclusively Virgin Organic Avocado Oil (VOAO) and another batch in Rice Bran Oil (RBO). How exciting is that? We’ve used the VOAO in our SuperSalve for a while, but have never had Rice Bran Oil. I also made a batch of Ogre capsules for sleep in the RBO and look forward to getting results back on them. It will be exciting to see how it extracts compared to the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. We have been very consistent in our capsules, so it will be easy enough to tell. OK, I’ve got to get away from this “Baked Roasted Garlic” (RG)! (Timer dinged just after I typed that!) 0 Comments August 31st, 2015 8/31/2015 0 Comments As Kendra and Charles get ready to move forward with their life together, changes continue at Albany’s Canna Kitchen and Gramsterdam. It will be so strange without my girl there, but we will march on and continue making our awesome Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, dispensing the majority of them at Gramsterdam and doing special orders as they come in. Everyone involved is excited about what the future holds and all of us will miss her as much as she will miss us. Kendra’s last day will be Saturday, September 12th. We will be having a get-together there at the shop from 530 pm to 730 pm. It is a clinic day, so it will be crazy during regular hours. Please come in and wish her well, sign the “green board” and if you’d like to keep in touch, put your text or email in the address book. Because we are a dispensary, we cannot let you consume on site, sorry! Just a reminder, if you haven’t looked at our menu <---- (click there) lately, you really should. I just added some more Golden XTRX cartridges Saturday night and who knows what else recently. We are still running our special with them where when you purchase your 1st, 5th, and every 5th subsequent cartridge, you get a free rechargeable Golden XTRX battery for ($15 value). Have you checked out the gourmet soaps, lotions, and chapsticks? Laura got the soap and tried it and reports it really is all it is cracked up to be, quite nice! We're out of the Blackberry capsules, but they're in for testing and ready to be encapsulated once results are in. I listed the "Deals of the Day" for the week of 1-5 September on our Gramsterdam site - check them out at We're looking forward to seeing you - each and every time! 0 Comments "Recreational Cannabis" 8/24/2015 0 Comments Picture Gramsterdam appreciates that many non-carded people would like to purchase our organic products, but we are staying a Medical Cannabis Dispensary and not opening our doors to the "Recreational Market". We would ask that our patients not purchase Cannabis to take to non-patients as that will use up the supply that was intended for the medical patients who have paid a fee for the privilege. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated not only by me, but our fellow patients. As to "Recreational Cannabis and Gramsterdam" we have primarily Smokeless Cannabis Remedies which will not be allowed to be sold in the Rec Market ... so it is even more awkward. When I think about "Recreational Smokeless Cannabis Remedies" I think of random, unlabeled, Mystery-Caps. You won't know if you are going to sit on the sofa and laugh for hours on end or if you're going to get "Sativa Sappy" or do the Indica Nod in your recliner. You might just get a Sativa that will keep you up all night taking stock of your CannaCap Inventory (ahem!) Before becoming a patient and learning more, it was always a crapshoot, one never knew just what you might get from your (gasp) dealer. One of the biggest benefits to becoming a patient: the ability to get clean, tested, organic medicine that works for the condition you need worked on - and not just a Mystery Cap! Looking forward to seeing you soon. 0 Comments Shriner's Donkey Basketball December 5th! 8/17/2015 0 Comments When I was a little girl ... I remember seeing the Harlem Globetrotters play basketball on Donkeys, so when the Linn County Shriner's called and asked if we would help sponsor their December 5th event (sans the Globetrotters, but with the Donkeys) I was delighted to say YES! We are told that twice each quarter "Albany's Canna Kitchen" will be mentioned as a Gold Sponsor during the game. I'm even more excited about meeting some of the Shriners and educating them about Smokeless Cannabis Remedies! 0 Comments More fresh leaf! 8/14/2015 1 Comment 1 Comment Smokeless Cannabis Remedies are catching on! 7/19/2015 2 Comments I simply cannot believe how busy we have become lately! Naturally that is a mixed blessing as it means I am once again working late, late nights encapsulating and jarring and labeling - but that's OK as we are helping an incredible number of patients. It is amazing to see the transformation in people once they start using Smokeless Cannabis Remedies. Faces that once grimaced in pain are changed to smiles, limps are lessened, canes, walkers, and wheelchairs no longer needed or needed less often. It's nothing less than a miracle, the lives that are changed on a daily basis. We cannot take credit for this, it is God's plant that is making all these changes, He has just sent us to make it and encourage people to use it. Lately, we have had an influx of people coming in telling us their testimonials. One patient in particular has Erythromelalgia, a condition that is referred to as "Burning Man Syndrome" or "Man on Fire Syndrome". She has learned that our SuperSalve takes care of that in no time at all, allowing her to get to sleep. Others are so happy to be off pain pills and many other prescriptions that were causing horrible side effects. One patient in particular is weaning himself off a decade of Oxy use, and is using capsules for the last step to freedom. Many others have found their way off of sleeping pills, the side effects of which are so scary! Our Ogre Sleep Caps and CannaSupps are the answer to your prayers when you are not getting the sleep you need. When coming off of Ambien and other drugs like it, patients will likely go through at least two sleepless nights. It's worth it - you can do this! Click HERE to read the side effects of Ambien for just a bit more encouragement to take your life back. What ails you and what prescriptions would you like to get off of? We've got a capsule for THAT, too! Currently we have 30 different strains/strengths of capsules in stock and we offer a free sample of any of them to current cardholders... No excuses! We would love to add your testimonial to our webpage *(HERE!) We don't list any identifying information unless you direct us to ... we just want to get the word out there so others can get relief as well. Blessings be, please tell a friend. We look forward to seeing you soon! Comments encouraged. 2 Comments Leafly Reviews 7/19/2015 0 Comments Below you will find the link to Leafly where you can leave reviews about us and our products at Gramsterdam. If you love what we have and what we do, please tell everyone you know! If you have a problem with what we have or what we do, please tell only us - we are the only ones who can do anything about it! We truly do appreciate your feedback, thank you! Leafly 0 Comments Clinic changes and why 7/12/2015 0 Comments With "legal-ization" anyone over the age of 21 can now posses Cannabis. You just can't buy it anywhere. So, you need to see the doctor and maintain your card. We're committed to you having a positive experience at our place. We spend a good amount of time and resources getting your records from clinics, reviewing your records, preparing and printing your file, calling to remind you of your appointment... you get the picture. Due to a new trend of no-shows, we are now requiring a $50 non-refundable deposit when your appointment is made or records requested. You may pay with cash, check, or card (3.1% fee applies to plastic, so $51.55 if on a card). The $50 deposit is automatically applied to your balance when you show up for your original scheduled appointment. If you re-schedule your appointment, to retain your deposit, you must reschedule 3 business days before your scheduled date. Those who fail to show or reschedule in a timely manner forfeit the $50 deposit and must pay an additional $25 penalty fee and prepay to be scheduled again. We've put you on our schedule, please be sure and put us on yours. We have likely turned others away for the limited appointments, so it is a double edged sword. We do not double book our appointments - we maintain our time schedule so you aren't kept waiting. We sincerely appreciate your business and referrals, thank you again. Also, please remember that you cannot shop in the dispensary with a safety packet, so you will want to allow at least 30 days when you send in your packet with a money order, and longer if you send a personal check. We're glad you're here and we appreciate your understanding, blessings be! 0 Comments We're going live on Leafly 6/23/2015 0 Comments After so many requests from patients, we have finally agreed to go live on Leafly (Leaf-ly!) :) I'm half scared ... what if we can't keep up with the demand for capsules?! I will be getting some tech support to be sure, I am hoping that we can get the MMJ menu to talk to the Leafly menu so I don't have to double load and update everything. Below is a partial menu that is now live on Leafly, but by clicking HERE you can see our full menu. You can leave us a review on Leafly HERE and you can also follow us and share the info. I'm not finished with the menu yet, but I wanted to get this shared as we are pretty excited about it. Blessings be! Visit our profile on Leafly 0 Comments No need to be at the City Council Meeting 6/10/15 6/8/2015 0 Comments 0 Comments We need you Wednesday June 10th, 7:15 pm @ Albany City Hall, 333 Broadalbin, Albany, OR 6/7/2015 0 Comments Picture Actually, we need you every day, but we really need you to show up at City Hall on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 7:15 pm. Mayor Konopa, Floyd Collins, Rich Kellum, and Bessie Johnson have said they thought they'd rewrite the ordinance that allows us to be in the Industrial Zone next to residential ... and they weren't so sure they'd "grandfather" us. Naturally we are very concerned, it's not just anywhere that patients can get Organic Smokeless Cannabis Remedies. Here is their contact information, I got it from the City of Albany website. You can write, phone, or email them as you please: Sharon Konopa (Mayor) 632 35th Ave SE, Albany, OR 97322 email: Phone: 541-791-0300. Floyd Collins (Ward 1b) 754 Quarry Rd NW, Albany, OR 97321 Email: Phone: 541-928-2961. Rick Kellum (Ward 3b) 4085 E Commercial Way SE 97322 Email: Phone:541-791-0158. Bessie Johnson (Ward 3a) 2911 Geary St, Albany, OR 97322 Email: Phone: 541-791-2494. These three are on the side of Cannabis patients, you could email them and congratulate them for being so wise as well as give them a "not-oft-heard" thank you: Dick Olsen, (Ward 1a), Ray Kopczynski (Ward 2a), Bill Coburn, (Ward 2b), Keep in mind that the state rules for recreational cannabis are being written now. July 1st everyone over age 21 can possess some. The downside is only OMMP cardholders (patient and caregiver) are able to purchase Cannabis products. In those laws is currently a provision for cities and counties to be able to BAN dispensaries. Wednesday, we need you there to let the city know you want/need dispensaries to be available to you. If you cannot or do not wish to be there... at the very least please pick up the phone and give them a call to let them know how you feel about having Cannabis remedies available in our town, especially those within 300 feet of residential areas that have been approved by the city. Again, thank you for your continued support. 0 Comments The PerfectPipe - is available here! 5/27/2015 0 Comments Have we got the perfect pipe for you! We have a few that we think are rather perfect, and this one in particular happens to be named The PerfectPipe. For those who like their smoke filtered, this is absolutely for you! At our low introductory price of just $8, you get the pipe with courtesy caps, 50 filters, and the tool for easy filter changes. These are from an Oregon company and Made in USA! We carry all the replacement parts as well. Five-packs of the pipe are available for just $25 and includes five pipes w/screens, 2 courtesy caps, 1 PerfectPipe tool, extra stainless steel screens, and 5 bonus filters - what a deal for only $25! The product maker is looking for a volunteer who will smoke using ONLY The PerfectPipe for a month, are you interested in being a part of this study? That means no other pipes, vapes, joints, etc. Let me know! Picture Photo Credit: The PerfectPipe 0 Comments To Leafly or not to Leafly 5/25/2015 0 Comments When products are added to the menu, I utilize Leafly to easily list conditions helped and "how it will make you feel". Capsule-wise, we currently have 26 different strengths and at least 6 different strains of capsules that are made from Cannabis strains not currently available in Albany. I didn't take the time to check the smokable flower strains to see how many we have exclusively for now. We will soon have Jamaican Dream capsules ... those will be a hit, too, I am sure of it! We don't advertise on Leafly for two reasons ... One being that it costs $500 a month for the basic package, and two - I don't want our products to sell out too quickly! Feel free to tell a friend and all that, and we do have an ad on KLOO FM and their streaming radio as well ... but I am afraid of how busy we would get if we were to advertise there. What do you think about that? A dear fellow dispensary owner told me that it pays for itself in no time at all, but again I'm afraid of being all sold out. 0 Comments Let's talk about Herpes. 5/23/2015 0 Comments I know it is painful to discuss, but it's a must. I hope I'm not too "up-front, personal, and honest" but ... there are things you need to know. Those awful cold sores you get are herpes. When you're sitting on the toilet and you wipe your nose and then your bottom ... you risk spreading the disease to your nether regions, so no, it isn't always spread by sexual activity. Oral sex can also spread them, of course, as well as sharing a glass, joint, pipe, towel or anything else. So ... if you have this condition, what do you do? Well, when you feel an outbreak coming on, you put Cannabis Liniment on the area! If the outbreak does materialize, it will only last a day or two instead of the week or two that they are typically around. You can use the liniment on it after it appears as well; it will burn, but it will help clear it up. You can use some salve on it which will help the blisters heal in a very short time. It is imperative that you wash your hands after applying a remedy to it, you wouldn't want to accidently spread the outbreak. Those who say herpes lasts a lifetime aren't fully aware of the healing properties of the Cannabis plant! Blessings be, we look forward to seeing you at Gramsterdam, check our dispensary menu out at 0 Comments Letter to the Editor - and City Council actions 5/3/2015 0 Comments Picture I had another Letter to the Editor published in the Albany Democrat-Herald today (5/2/15). They are great about publishing them, and I appreciate that. You should write one, too - the city pays particular attention to when opinions are posted in there about their actions, and in fact the articles are cut out and filed. My source of the number of alcohol licenses is this OLCC link: OLCC Licenses in Oregon Monday, May 11, 2015, we have been invited back to City Hall to the City Council Work Session to discuss why we should be allowed to be at the address we're interested in purchasing. It's across the street from a place that is licensed to sell alcohol, and next to another one that could be. It will require a change to or repeal of the ordinance they put into place last year. Cannabis is forever being compared to alcohol, and will soon be controlled by the OLCC, just as alcohol is, so one would think that the same zoning laws would apply to both within cities, right? Change must happen! Here's my letter that was published 5/2/15 in the Albany Democrat-Herald: Every day someone dies as a result of alcohol. Alcohol also kills relationships, jobs, hopes, dreams, and ambitions. People do and say things while under the influence of alcohol that they would never consider doing otherwise. Tens of thousands of children have been molested or otherwise demonized while their monster was under the influence of alcohol. Yet you can find alcohol across the street from schools, next to each and every residential neighborhood in the form of a "kwik-e-mart", bar, winery, distillery, restaurant, or grocery store. Right next to homes, single family as well as apartment complexes that are full of families and children. There are more than 130 OLCC-licensed businesses in Albany, 387 in Linn County and more than 15,000 in the state. Tell me again why a medical cannabis business can't operate anywhere in town when the location is approved by the state? Cannabis cannot cause death by overdose. Stop the "Reefer Madness" and let the country heal! Rhea Graham Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research/Gramsterdam Albany (April 26) If you would rather not attend and/or speak to the councilors, please send them an email instead. Perhaps we can get them educated as to the virtues of this non-toxic plant. Inform them that unlike alcohol and opiates, Cannabis cannot kill you as we don't have receptors on our brain stem for it. Our City Manager, Wes Hare, was unaware of that fact so surely Mr Collins, Mr Kellum, Ms Johnson and the mayor don't know that either. As negatively as they react to the subject of Cannabis, you would think it caused cancer instead of killing it. Please remind them that OMMP patients are deserving citizens of this city ... just as they are, and that they should not have to visit the industrial areas of town to purchase their Cannabis Remedies. If they were treating those same ailments with alcohol, they could walk down the street to the kwik-e-mart and buy it ... or right downtown (HELLO!!!) at the liquor store. If that's not close enough, there's another one across the way. Remind them, too, of the legitimate jobs that are being created. It is time to put an end to this madness and discrimination. Dick Olson, Ray Kopczynski, and Bill Coburn have all three shown great support for OMMP patients and legitimate businesses who are trying to help them. Please give praise where due - we need one more vote from the other four. Their email addresses are:;;;;;; Thank you ever so much for your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 0 Comments More topicals and medibles available! 4/24/2015 0 Comments We've added Solomon's Holy Anointing Oil and Astral Sweets to our inventory this week to see how it goes. Both seem to be lovely products, so we want to know what the patients think. We have non-medicated samples of the Astral Sweets and a couple small samples of the Holy Anointing Oil, so come in and ask, and until the end of April you can save 10% on both of these new products! We have also made a few sweet-treats of our own, including cupcakes, Kendra Joys, Kendra Coconut Mounds, and Kendra Janes. All are amazing ... If you haven't been in to see us yet, we hope to see you soon! 0 Comments Are you in the fight for the OMMP? 3/30/2015 0 Comments I voted NO on Measure 91 for a number of reasons, but mostly because I knew the OMMP would come under attack and I didn't agree that households should be limited to 4 plants. I am still fighting to keep the OMMP intact, and I hope you are, too. Today we attended the hearings on SB 936 and HB 3400. These are bills proposed to reduce the number of plants growers can grow, and reduce the number of patients who can grow in one location, and more. Horrible laws for a plant that can't kill you. Where is their head? OH THAT'S RIGHT! they want you to buy it all in the dispensary so they can have more tax money on it! The hearings were very well attended, I was delighted to see the amount of support. I was also delighted that it was held on a Monday at 5 PM so I was able to attend without a problem. We can only hope that they listened to what we had to say. Blessings be! 0 Comments Gramsterdam's Menu 3/13/2015 0 Comments Picture So, that's what it looks like on the page where you can see our menu at (minus the bold information). I have noted on the photo, where to enter your information to log in or register if you are an OMMP cardholder. Sorry ... delivery is not allowed, so you or your caregiver will have to pick up your Remedies. We are still be making remedies for patients from their own Cannabis as well as having our products available in our dispensary as well as other dispensaries in Oregon. We are so blessed, and so are you! See you soon! 0 Comments Happy Birthday to You! 2/24/2015 0 Comments Happy Birthday to my BFF, Mrs John Montgomery. To celebrate, let's have everyone with a February birthday take 10 percent off the highest priced item in your order this week, and anyone with a 2/25 birthday take 25% off the costliest item in your order. Keep the candles burning, keep the years coming. #Cannabis Works #SmokelessCannabisRemedies for the win. 0 Comments Butter is on the horizon at Gramsterdam! 2/15/2015 0 Comments Picture Just thought you would want to know, we will be having medicated butter for sale within the next couple of weeks. Testing takes time, so please be patient. What strength are you looking for? What are you wanting to treat with it? Do you have a special recipe you would like to share that you use your butter in? Blessings be! 0 Comments Capsule and Suppository Samples Available 2/1/2015 1 Comment Picture Being a dispensary that sells primarily Smokeless Cannabis Remedies (SCRs), it makes sense that we would have capsule and suppository samples to give our patients instead of flower. We currently have both day and night, pain and sleep samples available, and starting this week, we will have suppository samples available as well! Trying the products will allow you to see how it feels when you are pain free, or after getting a good night of sleep. Our Ogre capsules and suppositories have brought more sleep than "Carter's got pills" from what we hear from satisfied patients! Smoking Cannabis does bring an instant effect, but taken internally it has a lasting effect and truly takes away the pain and results in a full night of sleep. Tincture is one of the best "fast acting" SCRs. When used, it is held under your tongue for several minutes, then swallowed. Migraine headaches are gone in no time - with no shots, no side effects of nausea, vomiting, bed-boundedness, etc. However, when tincture is used as a sleep aid, it can bring sleep in 15 minutes or less. Different strains for different things ... and different processing makes for a very wide range of products and strengths that are available to you. We are working to supply the best and widest variety of Organic SCRs in Oregon, I believe we'll soon be there! Blessings be, we will see you this week! 1 Comment What do we have - what will we have? 1/18/2015 0 Comments Items we are currently stocking include, but are not limited to: Day and night capsules – pretty much $1 each, Morphine replacement caps are 1.50/drop. Most people are very comfortable at the 2 and 3 drop level that have been on Morphine in the past. By special order at this time. Tincture Salve (both with and without DMSO), scented and unscented. Liniment Suppositories Kendra created a neat package deal for those of you who smoke or vaporize your Cannabis. It includes a rolling tray of your choice; a KindStack Set with a 60 power scope, grinder and 3-stack pack for your flowers; a stash jar; a paperless joint; a $10 glass pipe (great selection!), a pipe cleaner and … a gram of flower and ten capsules for $75! We will be carrying infused Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for cooking, in 2 and 4 ounce containers for you to do your own cooking with. We’re excited about our shampoo/facewash/deodorant/face oil and more –these are all organic to make you the best products possible. These are available in limited supply now and will soon be more readily available. Soon we will also have fresh leaves for juicing and for smoothies and dry Organic flowers! We’re hoping to have our first test results for the ‘smokin’ flowers for opening on Tuesday 1/20/15. Also coming soon … clones. (Kendra and I would like to be cloned!) Thank you so very much to everyone who has helped us get here, it has taken a village hasn't it? You are much appreciated! 0 Comments Testing requirements ... please write again!