You’ve been lied to!

For decades you’ve been told the horrors of Cannabis, and all of that is a lie. In 1974 the charade should have stopped when the US Government was informed that Cannabis kills cancer, but instead the “War on Drugs” was started, with many later becoming imprisoned over a plant. A plant that cannot kill you, a plant that has literally thousands of positive uses, a plant that cleans the very soil it grows in.
One would almost think that the discovery of the EndoCannabinoid System in 1992 would have ended the charade, but no. In 1992 a scientist by the name of Raphael Mechoulam discovered the existence of the EndoCanabinoid System. It has been discovered that everything with a spine has one. The “Cana” in the name is a nod to Cannabis; the system is a lock and Cannabis is the key to it. The EndoCannabinoid System is the body’s “regulatory system of the regulatory systems”. It’s the boss, head honcho. The reason you can’t die from an overdose of Cannabis is because we do not have enough receptors on our brain stem for it to shut down our heart or breathing. Our Creator knew exactly what He was doing when he made us and this plant to feed us.
From the root to the stalks, seeds, flowers and leaves – every part of this plant is food and medicine for our body and every part of the plant helps a variety of issues and conditions. In addition, there are thousands of other uses for the plant such as fiber, food, hempcrete for building, and more. During WWII, farmers were required to watch a film called, “Hemp for Victory” and were asked to support our country and grow Hemp! Shortly after the war ended, Cannabis and Hemp were back to being the “bad guy” and the government for years denied the existence of the film. It was later rediscovered in the basement of the Library of Congress by Jack Herer. You can check out a copy at our Lending Library at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, or you can find it on YouTube and view it there.

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