Addressing Cannabis Misinformation by Rhea Graham

My favorite task in my current life is educating the public about Cannabis as medicine. Not everyone knows what they should, and what many know simply isn’t true! Some poor self-described “health care professional” wrote to the editor of High Points and laid their cards on the table showing just how much they don’t know.

Their words of “did you know that marijuana is a hypnotic, a narcotic, a hallucinogenic, an addictive (sic) substance and it is in violation of federal law” put a wry smile on my face. Everyone in the area heard as I burst into gales of laughter at the rest: “Marijuana overdoses and deaths are on the rise and truly the blood of those people is on your hands. You need to ask God for forgiveness”.

It’s very obvious the writer has not been educated to the truth. Folks, we are literally created to use this plant! We have an EndoCannabinoid System with receptors over every inch of our skin for it. You can’t die from an overdose as we don’t have enough receptors on our brainstem to stop our heart or breathing. Cannabis is NOT physically addictive like opiates and other drugs, it is not a narcotic (ask the Drug Enforcement Agency or the National Institutes of Health).

While Cannabis is currently in violation of federal law, there is actually a federal medical marijuana program and I personally know two of the four patients who receive 300 machine rolled ‘marijuana cigarettes’ or “joints” in the US Mail each and every month, and have for many years!

Mixing truth with lies is in part how “Reefer Madness” worked to affect so many. Sadly, healthcare professionals still are NOT educated about Cannabis, the EndoCannabinoid System or nutrition. Instead, they are taught to give out poison and remove organs that aren’t functioning properly, give more and different poison when the first poison isn’t effective. Why not learn about healing with natural remedies instead? Keep in mind, there is no money in wellness for most people practicing western medicine.

If you would like to learn more about Cannabis as Medicine I hope you will call and schedule a consultation with me. Our number at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research remains 541-981-2620. Appointments are necessary and required.

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