Are you tired of waking up hung over? By Rhea Graham

Are you are tired of waking up with a hang-over, feeling like something is stealing the very life from within you? I felt like that for years, and then I found Cannabis as Medicine. Sometimes people simply have a need or desire to be altered. Often, getting altered on alcohol or pills ends up with problems of some sort; relationships and jobs usually suffer. If there are children in the home, they suffer more than you know.

If you want to stop drinking or using but have not been successful, I urge you to first try Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. They will ask you to sit quietly and listen a minute, and learn how to “live life on life’s terms”. It works. Some of us are unable to have one drink. I’ve literally never had a single beer, but I’ve drank more 12 packs than I care to remember. I’m not proud of it, but once I start I don’t stop, for years on end. Using Cannabis, however, helps keep me balanced as it feeds my EndoCannabinoid System, just as it will feed yours. I have not had a drink in over 16 years, and I rarely smoke Cannabis. I use Smokeless Cannabis Remedies as needed such as topical salves and capsules for pain and discomfort.

Add to the AA meetings a CBD capsule; CBD brings a sense of well being, but no high. CBD is the antidote to THC. THC of course is the well known cannabinoid that alters your sense of reality (among other things) when it is activated. If you are experiencing physical pain, add some CBG to that CBD capsule; the CBG cannabinoid doesn’t make you high, either! We’ve recently done some research with our patients, and the CBG/CBD one-to-one capsules were a huge hit. That is very encouraging for the future of Cannabis as Medicine; people can use it and continue to be productive in life and in the workforce. We’ve already proven that for over a decade at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research. Call us today at 541-981-2620, we are located at 2300 Ferry St Ste 1, Albany, OR 97322. Appointments are necessary.

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