For Those Who Canna but Can’t and Those Who Canna but Wont By Rhea Graham

Points for Profit is both pleased and excited to welcome Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC (ACK&R) to our circle. ACK&R opened their doors at 2300 Ferry St SW, Suite 1 in Albany on 11/11/11. Rhea Graham and her beautiful daughter Kendra initially began by working with Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) patients, washing their Cannabis and making it into Smokeless Cannabis Remedies. Time has moved forward, Kendra has grown up and moved away, and due to numerous changes in state law their mission has changed a time or two but their purpose remains the same. They are here: “For those who Canna but can’t and those who Canna but won’t”. What does that mean? They work with patients who can’t make their own remedies as well as those who won’t make their own remedies. They also work with people and business owners who wish to learn how to make their own Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, teaching them how to make what they need to bring relief from various symptoms and conditions, using a variety of remedies such as capsules, tincture, elixir, salve, massage oil, liniment, suppositories, infused oil, concentrates, and more.

At ACK&R, patients are also able to get or renew their OMMP card by seeing one of their doctors and providing the information to the Oregon Health Authority (along with a fee). Patients can also ask their own doctor to sign their card, and ACK&R will give you the paperwork you need. Rhea and her crew are dedicated to getting people educated about one’s EndoCannabinoid System (we all have one) as well as how to use Smokeless Cannabis Remedies to get and keep you healthy. In addition to their scheduled clinics, they provide various talks at locations throughout the area as well as their store location and write informational articles for magazines and newsletters. For those who qualify, if Rhea is your caregiver, she is able to make remedies for you. To learn more, reach out and make an appointment by calling Jennifer at 541-981-2620. They are open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday by appointment only.

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