Getting relief without getting high

Did you know there are many ways to use Cannabis? You certainly don’t have to smoke it or get high, and Cannabis will bring your body to homeostasis in just a short amount of time. At homeostasis (perfect balance) your weight will level out, your blood pressure and sugar will be where it should be, and you’ll have a general feeling of well-being. Your mood will likely improve.

Pain can be dealt with using Canna-Caps, elixirs, suppositories, salves and other topically applied remedies. Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, as I call them, can be applied anywhere in or on the body, including in the belly button. A high is not necessary for relief and healing most all of the time. A high is also not the measure of how well the remedy is working.

When Cannabis makes you high, it’s because your liver is metabolizing it. We don’t want your body metabolizing it away; we want the cannabinoids working on your issues, so at Albany’s Canna Kitchen, I find other ways to get the medicinal value, avoiding the liver as long as possible.

If getting rid of your pain isn’t enough to get you to sleep at night, I can teach you how to make the products to use for relief of insomnia. When is the last time you slept eight solid hours and awakened refreshed? With Cannabis, if you are groggy when you awaken you need to use a smaller dose; you will be so pleased at how refreshing a good night of sleep is. Your body cannot regenerate if you are not sleeping properly.

Elixirs, made with glycerin or other oils, offer the fastest “by mouth” relief (other than smoking). They can be made in a wide variety of strengths making them very easy to dose both by the drop or dropper full. For fastest relief, put the remedy in the buccal of the mouth – where the dentist shoots the shot – between the gum and cheek. Hold it in your mouth as long as possible, then swallow.

To learn what will work best for you, spend $25 for a 15-minute consultation with me, call 541-981-2620 to schedule, all call requests returned!

By Rhea Graham

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