Give the Gift of Healing by Rhea Graham

As far as gifts go, some may not be excited about getting a doctor’s visit – but those who are looking to get their OMMP card would certainly love to get a doctor’s visit for their gift. If that gift was for a visit with our doctor, you would only be able to purchase it if we were certain the patient is qualified to get their OMMP Card; we won’t sell you something you can’t use!

If the patient’s own Primary Care provider will sign their paperwork, the next concern is annual state fees. Fees run from as little as $20 for a Veteran or patient on Supplemental Security Income to as much as $200 for a patient and can be as much as $400 if the patient appoints a grower, or grows at an address other than their own residence.

After the patient obtains their card, next they need to source plants to grow, or remedies to use. You can go to the dispensary and get plenty of pot to smoke, some elixirs and tinctures and cookies and candies and whatnot. Sadly, what the state of Oregon does not provide is for someone to be there who can discuss the medical benefits with you, and what you should use for which condition.

You could help a patient out by learning how to make and dose the remedies they need, or you could seek out a caregiver for them who is capable and willing to do so. You could also purchase them remedies through a dispensary or their caregiver, your choice, and depending on their needs. Every patient is different, some have unique needs.

You may have heard, “Health is the new wealth” and it truly makes sense. You can’t poison yourself to wellness, think about it, that will NEVER work! Instead, feed your Endocannabinoid System so your body can heal and repair itself. Smokeless Cannabis Remedies can fix whatever is broken, now that’s a gift! This year if you are giving gifts, make them gifts of health and healing.

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