Have you tried CBG? By Rhea Graham

The precursor to CBD and THC is getting a lot of attention these days. Cannabigerol, or CBG as it is called, is said to connect with both of the studied cannabinoid receptors and act as THC does, without the high that comes with (activated) THC. It’s said to relieve anxiety, pain, insomnia, eye pressure, gut inflammation as well as stimulate your appetite.

I know that some enjoy the “elevated feeling” brought by activated THC, but I also know the majority of our patients like to be 100% clear headed so they will be asking all about it. It has been quite refreshing, some of the people getting and renewing their OMMP Patient cards of late. Professionals appreciate healthy healing, it seems, and more and more are finding the truth about Smokeless Cannabis Remedies! This cannabinoid is perfect for them, they can 100% work and get relief while being clear headed!

With CBG being a relatively newly extracted and isolated cannabinoid, it naturally costs more to procure. Funny how that works, but we all know that’s how it goes. I have known for years that CBG is great for those who suffer with anxiety. Our stem elixir has always been associated with the ability to open and clear your lungs and to calm you down without a high. I have to wonder if the stems aren’t holding some of that CBG, perhaps. The stem doesn’t work on all that CBG is said to, however.

With the ability to reduce inflammation, eye pressure, anxiety and more, just one CBG capsule or dose of elixir could likely replace two or three prescriptions for some patients. That’s got to make one want to run to the front of the line, in my estimation! Although most insurance companies aren’t covering natural remedies at this time, they are cost effective when it comes to your health and if a person chooses to, they often find they can finance them by simply making better life choices such as cutting sodas, cigarettes, coffees and the like. Call now to learn more, you’ll be glad you did. We’re at 541-981-2620.

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