How to talk to your parents about Cannabis

by Rhea Graham

Probably the easiest way to talk to your parents about Cannabis as medicine is to get an appointment at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research.  Here I listen to their problems and concerns and then tell them what I know about their condition or symptoms and how they can obtain relief using Smokeless Cannabis.

If they are in pain or aren’t sleeping well, you can be their best ally by bringing them to me. They are typically sick and tired of taking prescription drugs, and their body isn’t working as well as it might because of those prescription drugs.  Prescription side effects are “staggering” to say the least.

Smokeless Cannabis Remedies can be applied topically, directly to a painful area for immediate relief of most pain. Topicals are made from different parts of the plant for various types of pain, so if one salve isn’t getting rid of the pain, there is one that will.  For example, one root balm will get rid of neuropathic pain that no other salve will touch yet it doesn’t work as well on muscle or bone pain.

If your parent has had a broken bone or has bone pain, let them know that a good liniment will get rid of that pain – and again, they won’t get high. If they have shingles, liniment followed by super salve will heal it faster than any pharmaceutical available.

If your parent isn’t getting a good night of sleep, why is that?  Is it physical or mental pain? Is the problem getting to sleep, staying asleep, or getting back to sleep?  If getting to sleep is the problem, an elixir will help. If staying asleep is the problem, a capsule or suppository will most likely get them the relief they are seeking and with no negative side effects.  Suppositories are especially useful for those who need to get up to use the bathroom in the night; for men, they reduce inflammation of the prostate making frequent urination less of an occurrence and typically correcting erectile dysfunction in days or weeks.

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