I’m Not Retiring – Yet! By Rhea Graham

It’s a long story, but I got excited and posted about my retirement (payment) paperwork on Facebook and rumors seemed to have flown! I am not going anywhere just yet, I’m just getting excited that I’ll soon be of the age where I will receive my retirement pay from my Air Force life. The majority of my 20 years were active duty, but after being widowed in 1998 I transferred to the Reserve to finish out the last four, so therefore I retired from the Reserves and don’t get my pay until I’m “of age”.

In my years, I was almost every status an Airman could be. I started as “Delayed Enlistment”, went on Active Duty, then Air Force Reserve as an Air Reserve Technician (Did the same job 5 days a week in Civil Service)… then to the Washington Air National Guard regular reserve, then to Title 32 Active AGR then back to Air Force Reserve. I was a “dependent wife” at one point, and am now a Surviving Widow.

I have too many plans and goals to retire just yet; we have a Canna-it-ALL Healing Center to get open and more people to educate before that can happen. I do look forward to that time, however, and to warmer winters! I am currently looking for an Adult Foster Care or something of the sort that might wish to partner together. Together we could make a real difference in several lives under one roof. If you know of someone who is interested, please connect me, our number is 541-981-2620. My long-term goal for any Care Center would be to have patients off virtually all of their pharmaceuticals and on only natural remedies.

Yes, one of these days I will retire, but hopefully not until I have the Healing Center open and running and someone on board to run it all. I am wondering how I will find enough staff to run it, but I am told “build it and they will come” so I’ll keep the faith and hope for the best!

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