It is Time for Your Cannabis Education!

Time for what, you ask? Time for you to increase your knowledge about Cannabis as medicine and to help your family and friends get educated as well. Have you learned about your EndoCannabinoid System, the true boss of your body, yet? That is a great place to start and will teach you why you need to be using Cannabis. If you Google “7 things EndoCannabinoid System” you will find an article on the Medical Medium.
Have you learned about terpenes? Those will teach you why Cannabis smells as it does and why some smells good to you and some doesn’t. How about what Smokeless Cannabis Remedies are and what they’re for? Would you like to learn about how to use Cannabis and not get high but get the medicinal effects and benefits? Even if you enjoy getting high, you can learn plenty. You need to make an appointment at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, “Just for the health of it!”
You can schedule an appointment to learn which Smokeless Cannabis Remedies would likely work best for you, or you can schedule an appointment with the doctor to get or renew your card, it’s up to you. You may even want to schedule an appointment to get your friends or co-workers educated! I am available to speak evenings and various days/times during the week and I greatly enjoy telling the truth about Cannabis as Medicine.
Although I am not sure how much longer I will be doing so, I currently teach classes about how to make the remedies you need. Those classes have been very well received, the feedback has been wonderful! (You really want to take one before I quit teaching them!)
A truth about Cannabis that should make you angry as all get out is the history of Cannabis Prohibition. Four men really did this Earth and her people a great disservice when they let their greed get the best of them. Not only is Cannabis the best human and animal medicine, it can heal the Earth.

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