Kendra is home! By Rhea Graham

Imagine my delight when my beautiful daughter Kendra asked me if I’d help her move back to Oregon from Alabama. Those who know us know that we are very close. It had been difficult for both of us with her living so far away for six years. Because I was ill at the time, my very courageous daughter drove herself and dogs all the way home in the U-Haul, all by herself! It is a forty hour drive on the southern route, which was necessary due to winter weather.

One thing the grand-pups have come to love is their twice-daily CBD doses. I stand at the corner of the kitchen and ask, “Is it medication time?” They all three line up, ready to dose! They will try to steal each other’s doses, so we’re working on that, but they definitely love being in a ‘Cannabis Friendly’ state. The day dose helps keep them calm while Kendra is at work with me and the night dose helps them to sleep. If they were having pain issues, it would help with that as well.

Having Kendra home means that she is back to making medicine. That is very exciting, trust me. This girl makes the most beautiful oil you’ve seen. I am excited about the work we can do with patients needing the stronger medication. Naturally an OMMP card is required for all patients we work with, but it’s a small price to pay to have someone dedicated to making your remedies work for you! She will also be learning to do consultations and all the other things I do. I once again have dreams of truly retiring some day.

Another great thing that will come from Kendra moving home is that we will be getting the “How to make your medicine classes” filmed; everyone can learn to make their own Smokeless Cannabis Remedies! You have no idea how happy this makes me. It is my goal for everyone to be self-sufficient, able to make their own medication. The future remains very bright and we’re excited about it!

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