My Late Stage Alzheimer’s Patients

I’ve worked with three late-stage Alzheimer’s patients in the recent past.  Improved behavior is seen in minutes, it is nothing short of miraculous. Although it can be challenging to get dosing figured out, once you do life is much better for all involved.

The first patient had been in a “care facility”. He didn’t sleep, so they would just lock him in his room at night and he would take things apart, including doors off the hinges. Once home, in a few days, we had his dose figured out and he began sleeping 12 hours at night. Those chocolates of his are really something!

With our second patient, we have seen quite an improvement in their ability to communicate after they drink about half of a fresh fruit and Cannabis smoothie. The Cannabis is not decarboxylated so no high is attained, but the difference in the patient is monumental; after a few minutes, the crying stops and the ability to find and use words returns for a time. The anxiety that plagues most  Alzheimer’s patients is relieved. The patient is not back to 100%, but is better able to cope with the situation. Seeing it right before your very eyes will make you a  believer.

Our third late-stage Alzheimer’s patient is using capsules. Capsules take an hour to kick in, but after they do it’s like there’s a different person in the room.  This patient goes from just saying random things that you can’t understand and doesn’t make any sense, to being able to tell recognizable stories. Again, the difference is nothing short of miraculous.

Regardless of the condition, the key to successfully treating you or your patient with Cannabis is just like any other “prescription”, you must dose regularly and consistently. If you keep Cannabis in their system, then the improved state becomes the new normal. As you can see, there are a number of different avenues for treating conditions and all of mine are smokeless! The patient does not have to be high, but if they do get elevated – what is the harm?

by Rhea Graham

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