Prostate Issues?

The prostate is just another organ and when it gets enlarged men to experience problems such as the inability to urinate to completion, weak stream, painful urination, urine retention, having to get up in the night, and well … not being able to get up in the night (or day!)

In studying how western medicine treats the condition I learned that prescription medication may take weeks or months to work – and the side effects can include nausea, headache, retrograde ejaculation and other sexual side effects including decreased sex drive and trouble getting or keeping an erection. Wait a minute – isn’t that why some of you are treating the symptoms, yet the treatment can make it worse? That’s no good.

How will you use this Cannabis and will you get high? It may surprise you, but I’m going to suggest that you “stick it”. Yes, Cannabis suppositories are a very real thing – and they can work like magic! Putting the fix next to the problem typically makes the problem go away. Cannabis is one of the best antiinflammatory products on this planet. We have seen results as soon as the first use with patients, while others took up to two weeks.

Not only will your suppository help with your prostate issues, if you have back pain you will likely get relief from that too. In addition, you’ll sleep like never before – and if you do have to get up to urinate, you’ll be able to go back to sleep upon returning to bed. You won’t feel high because when inserted low in the rectum, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the anal canal wall and do not make the first pass through the liver to be metabolized. Inserted higher, you will get ‘elevated’ but that’s a different topic, we’re concerned with getting you relief, not high.

My patients use Cannabis suppositories to treat a myriad of symptoms and conditions. If you are interested in learning more, call and schedule a consultation and let’s see what can be done for you. Our number is 541-9812620.
Remember, “insert the round end, it’s much more comfortable!”

By Rhea Graham

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