Seed, Plant and Clone Exchange 3/21/23 by Rhea Graham

It is time once again for the annual seed, plant and clone exchange here at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research. It will be held from 2-5 pm on Tuesday 3-21-23. We like to have it early enough so that hopefully people can pop their seeds, determine the plant’s sex, and grow lots of female plants for medicine. The males grow lovely seedy plants, but we have a plethora of seeds for now.

At the exchange, everyone brings seeds, plants or clones to share – all at no cost or obligation. We like Cannabis seeds, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, all kinds of seeds! The same is true with plants and clones. Naturally, more people show up wanting clones than there are clones, so maybe this year we can have a couple of growers step up and help by getting the word out sooner about annual our event. Seeing the delight in people’s eyes as they get their “baby” is priceless. Hearing the pride the next year as they tell of how they grew it organically and got lots of pain relief or sleep is even better.

In Oregon, all households with an adult over the age of 21 years are able to grow four (4) Cannabis plants. At the “end of the day” there can be no more than 8 ounces of “usable marijuana” at households where there is no OMMP Patient or grower, according to state law. However, an OMMP patient/grower may possess over 70 pounds of “usable marijuana” at the grow address, and they may grow 6 mature plants, have several immature plants, and 50 Cannabis seeds.

As you can tell, if a person has a condition that requires a lot of Cannabis for their medication, having an OMMP card makes sense. If your doctor will not discuss this with you, ours will. Smokeless Cannabis Remedies were used for millennia; learn more about what to use where and why, you will be glad you did. If you would like to attend our Seed, plant and clone exchange, be sure to call and RSVP, our number remains 541-981-2620, we are open Tuesday through Friday 10-5, Saturday by appointment only.

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