Suffering from Pain? By Rhea Graham

Do you, your pet or person suffer from pain? You can do yourself, your
family and your pet a great service by learning more about your EndoCannabinoid
System (ECS) and Cannabis as Medicine. Put those receptors to work and allow
them to soak up some goodness by applying a bit of Cannabis Salve anywhere it
hurts (providing it’s made using a food grade product). We have receptors on
every inch of our skin and on all other organs as well. You can’t die from an
overdose and it’s non-addicting, so there goes all your worries down the drain,
and your pain as well.

Cannabis is able to do a number of things for us. Not only does it relieve
pain and help you sleep, some strains will give you an appetite while others will
help to keep it at bay. Who would have thought Cannabis could be part of a
weight loss regimen? Yes, you can successfully lose weight with the right strain!
That doesn’t normally happen if you are sitting on the couch eating bonbons, but I
do have more than one patient who has literally slept off 75 pounds.
The weight loss seems comes from bringing the body to homeostasis,
perfect balance. When your ECS is starved, your body can be all sorts of out of
whack and you don’t even know why. I mean it when I say we literally are
designed to use the Cannabis plant!

Those suffering from depression often find great relief with Cannabis as
well. Depression patients typically thrive using a Sativa Hybrid; those often have
just enough benefit from both Sativa and Indica to get you up and going, thinking
good thoughts and enjoying your surroundings. CBD alone will bring a feeling of
wellbeing, so if you are afraid of THC, try the CBD.
Those 21 years of age or older, or an OMMP patient, are invited to stop in
for a free sample of salve. We are located at 2300 Ferry St Ste 1, Albany, OR
97322. We are open Tuesday through Friday 10-5, our phone is 541-981-2620.
Also, ask about Pet CBD!

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