Talk to your Vet about Cannabis! By Rhea Graham

Both your Veteran and your Veterinarian need to know all about Smokeless Cannabis Remedies. Pain, sleep, cancer, anxiety, depression (and much more) are all easily treated and without negative side effects. This treatment can be used on all animals, not just dogs. I’ve come to know several people who are using Cannabis for their horses and other farm animals. All are off prescription medication now.

Veterans suffering with PTSD are amazed at how well Cannabis works to quash symptoms. Some strains such as Blueberry Kush seem to work exceptionally well for vivid experiences. Some animals suffer PTSD as well and can be easily treated. Pain is one of many conditions that Cannabis is able to relieve; it can be treated in a number of ways: topically, internally, or rectally. Each has its own merits and not all use makes you high.

Both humans and animals can be treated topically. Topicals are applied to the skin and work almost instantly. The animals like to lick the salve off which medicates them as well, so naturally you’ll want to put the cone of shame on them. The salve both heals wounds quickly and relieves pain.

Animals can be treated with Cannabis internally, low doses are typically used. They do get intoxicated with too high of a dose, some like it more than others. Dogs were required to be used as the “canary in the coal mine” so to speak, back in the 1800s and early 1900s to determine the strength of the Cannabis oil that was used. There were more than 100 symptoms and conditions Cannabis was the first line medicine for. Cannabis was in the US Pharmacopeia until 1942 and will hopefully soon return.

And then there’s rectal use. Yes, both animal and human. The suppositories do not affect bowel movements but do affect a great deal of pain relief and wellness when the cannabis is dumped right into the bloodstream through the anal canal walls. Although I’ve had a canine patient that was treated with them for cancer, I’ve not seen a horse yet; however, I do have the mould!

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