Treating Addiction with Smokeless Cannabis Remedies

By Rhea R. Graham

Everyone needs to know that unlike Opioids and other pHARMaceuticals, Cannabis is not physically addictive. In fact, you can use Cannabis to get off pills and other drugs your body has become addicted to, including alcohol, heroin, pain pills, and more. In fact, Cannabis will get you off pretty much any prescription drug you are on, but that is another topic.

When people are in the middle of their heroin addiction, for example, when they start to come down, they get sick from the withdrawal. They use more of the drug to stop the withdrawal symptoms, so it becomes an awful cycle. If they have some Canna capsules to take, they can use those to stop the sick feeling and come down without using heroin again. All of those addictions can be blunted with Cannabis, and you don’t have to smoke a thing!

Addiction is a horrible disease that affects many of us. Our body can become addicted to a prescription drug in just a couple of weeks. Those with long-standing pain don’t stand a chance against what is available for prescriptions. It’s not your fault that your body becomes addicted – but you do have the option of taking something else to prevent or stop the damage that is done with those ‘medications’.

In the past, many thought of Cannabis only as a recreational drug, but the truth is coming to light that Cannabis can and will take care of most ailments, symptoms and conditions if given a chance. All Cannabis use can be done in a smokeless fashion, so the stigma of “smoking pot” isn’t one you have to deal with. You need to remember that Cannabis Oil was in the pharmacopeia until 1942! It was the go-to for more than 100 symptoms and conditions before greed reared its ugly head and Cannabis was made illegal. If you’d like to learn more about that, read the book “The Emperor Wears no Clothes” by Jack Herer. The book is available for checkout through local libraries, or our Lending Library at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research. Call for more information, you’ll be glad you did, our number remains 541-981-2620.

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