What if it’s Cancer? By Rhea Graham

Recently I consulted with a patient who had just lost their spouse to cancer. They reminisced with me about how the patient had gone to the ER more than two years ago due to pain and was told to get in the ambulance and go to Portland for immediate treatment. Wait – the spouse can’t take them? It seems to be part of the mental game, to make you buy right in to doing everything you’re told, without question.

It almost appears that they don’t want you to take the time to learn about alternative healing. If you think about it at all, you have to at least wonder about the “let me poison you to the brink of death; if I don’t kill you, hopefully I’ll kill the cancer” mentality.

The time to be thinking about what you would do if you were diagnosed with cancer is now. Why? Because when the doctor tells you those horrible words, with the next breath they will send you to the oncologist who has a whole arsenal of poison to treat you with. Do you really want to jump right into that, or do you want to explore your options? Because they know you’ll want to think about it and educate yourself on alternatives, you are not given any time. Victims are typically told, “We’ve got no time; we’ve got to get at this immediately!”

One thing is guaranteed in this life and that is: “You can’t get out of here alive”. If you are stricken with cancer will it be quality of life you want, or do you want to live longer no matter how sick you are? If you are short on time, do you want to spend it sick as a dog from chemo and radiation or would you rather be a bit “floaty” from Cannabis? People are bullied right into decisions at these facilities sometimes, watch for that.

The mind is powerful; sometimes we convince ourselves we’re dying of cancer and it’s actually nothing big at all. Don’t let fear stop you from healing!

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