What is the ACK&R Canna-it-ALL Healing Center? By Rhea Graham

Right now it’s a dream in the making, and that dream is vivid and materializing! On Thursday, November 12, 2020, Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research (ACK&R) began its 10th year in operation and kicked off fundraising for the Healing Center with a birthday celebration. Donors were generous, and the following day even more so!

At the Healing Center, patients will not only learn how to use medical Cannabis for their symptoms and conditions, it will be “like” a hospital in that patients will also go there to heal but it will be unlike a hospital in that no poisons will be used. Typically poisons don’t bring wellness and the side effects can be devastating.

Conditions to be treated range from A to Z, literally, Alzheimer’s to Zoster. Burns are healed especially fast so a burn ward is of utmost necessity. Because Cannabis kills cancer, we will of course have a cancer ward where patients learn how to dose and heal. Depression can be effectively combated with the correct combination, so a mental health ward is a must. Epilepsy is treated by many patients of all ages with Cannabis; which ward will they be assigned to?

For every letter of the alphabet there is at least one and sometimes several conditions or symptoms that can be effectively treated with Smokeless Cannabis Remedies. Obviously some of these wards will have multiple missions. A wound clinic will be one of the earliest features to open; perhaps the burn ward will expand from there.

Other natural means of healing that will be used are acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, prayer and meditation, reiki and more. The goal

is to have at least the first of this adventure in operation by 2/22/22. Because ACK&R opened on 11/11/11 it seems just perfect to open the Healing Center doors at the next Master Number combination.

If you are interested in learning more about Cannabis as medicine, getting your OMMP card, or would like to make a donation of any size, please call Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research at 541-981-2620!

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