Will you Sponsor a Patient or Donate to Help? By Rhea Graham

Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients get a tax a break when it comes to their remedies, smokeless or not, but the state of Oregon is working to do away with that in 2028. We will discuss that another time, right now I’d like to discuss what we will call “Patient Sponsorship” and “Donations” at this time.

At Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, we meet a number of patients who struggle to purchase Smokeless Cannabis Remedies to bring relief from PTSD, pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and many other conditions. If they were using prescription drugs, their insurance would gleefully cover them but because they choose to go the natural route, they are all out of pocket expenses, including seeing the doctor to get the OMMP form signed. Their expenses are as low as $30 per month (and considerably more for others) but that $30 can seem insurmountable when you are on a fixed income and the city and state keep finding more ways to get it from you.

In response to this need, we are starting the “Help a Patient Fund” where you can adopt a patient or their entire family and pay for the Smokeless Cannabis Remedy needs they have, or you can donate just a small amount and when several people do that… we will have enough to help some of the patients.

I am going to ask those who have a need for help to provide information about them and what their needs are. Some don’t need much, others need a lot. We will issue a receipt to you and let you know what your patient chose if you decide to be that involved.

Those who smoke cigarettes will be considered separately. They are actively poisoning themselves and making the choice to do so. If there are those who will willingly enable them to continue using their money to purchase “cancer-sticks” instead of medicine that can bring relief and potential healing, we will have a separate fund for them. It may seem harsh to some – but I quit after being addicted to them 36 years and they can, too!

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