You can watch Cannabis work! by Rhea Graham

Do you have a patient in a care facility, or do you work at one in some capacity? Maybe you are a doctor, administrator or a CNA, it doesn’t matter. I’d like to discuss Smokeless Cannabis Remedies for your patients and have you carry that information forward. Memory Care facilities especially notice a huge positive difference in patients who undergo Cannabinoid therapy; it’s easy and affordable to do.

We’re scheduling an event to demonstrate what a difference Cannabis makes for several conditions. Using a variety of products, including a Cannabis fruit smoothie, we will watch the mind reopen in one patient while we watch pain fade away for another. We’ll watch as a Parkinson’s Patients tremors stop. I’d love to have you join us.

While nothing will return the patient to their prior self, Cannabis is able to reopen the mind so the Alzheimer’s patient has brighter days and better nights. Patient use will also make a world of difference for caregivers and other family members. For pain patients, there is a variety of ways to treat pain and most of them don’t require the patient to get high. Parkinson’s patients often need only the root of the plant to get them relief, there’s no chance they can get high with those.

If you have a wound that “just won’t heal” I urge to get make an appointment and see what we can do together. You will be amazed at the nearly instant pain relief and then healing that takes place. You can also take classes and learn how to make theses remedies on your own.

Cannabis has shown to work miracles on both physical and mental pain in a short amount of time. Salve or massage oil bring near instant relief and will most often heal any wound, but every now and then I have to get out the special sauce. I look forward to meeting with you and getting your patient to a better place in life. Call 541-981-2620 today to get on the schedule and begin to change a life! Smokeless Cannabis Remedies for the win!

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