Cannabis and College by Rhea Graham

Here it is the start of the school year again. Over the summer your college-age student may have tried Cannabis and liked it. Now what?! Well, the truth of the matter is: It’s far better for them than alcohol or prescriptions. You can easily die from an overdose of either of those.

Although “pot smoking” is unpopular, your student may have valid Cannabis needs. Unlike the aforementioned items, no matter how hard one tries you cannot overdose and die from Cannabis. We have receptors for Cannabis over every inch of our skin and on the rest of our organs as well, but we do not have enough receptors on our brainstem to stop our breathing or heartbeat.

Cannabis can be used to meet many needs, one of which is the need for creativity. If your student is taking a writing or art class, that is a wonderful characteristic for a strain to have. Stains can also open the mind to help understand foreign concepts, a closed mind cannot learn.

Some students have sports or other injuries that require pain mediation and medication. Cannabis is not physically addictive like opiates are, and can be stopped without long term side effects. It fights pain better and won’t stop up your bowels. Salve, liniment, and massage oil can all applied topically, often with instant relief and always with no high.

Side effects of abruptly stopping heavy Cannabis ingestion may include sleeplessness, grumpiness, lack of focus, diminished appetite and headaches for 24 to 72 hours. These are obviously not life-threatening or lifelong side effects like one can experience from pharmaceuticals.

The worst side effect of prescription drugs is the addiction that so many suffer after using them. Opioids such as OxyContin (oxycodone), Vicodin (hydrocodone), codeine, morphine, and fentanyl all do the same thing Heroin does in the brain so when the doctor cuts people off, they often turn to the street for it. Cannabis, specifically Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, helps immeasurably with the side effects of the addiction to those substances and actually helps heal your painful conditions. Call me at 541-981-2620 to learn more!

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