CannaTea By Rhea Graham

Did you know that drinking a cup of Cannabis tea can calm your nerves without making you high? There’s no need to drink alcohol this season to “chill out”, no need for the benzos, no need to avoid people! Get a tablespoon of Cannabis leaf and boil it in water for 10-15 minutes, strain and enjoy!

Boiling the Cannabis for just 15 minutes at 212° will not decarboxylate (activate) the THC; drinking it without added fat (butter, coconut oil, whole milk) all but ensures that you’ll only be relaxed and not high. If you add fat to the mixture, the THC will attach to it, the liver will metabolize it and you may get a bit of euphoria going on. What’s wrong with euphoria? Nothing at all, enjoy it!

Some people prefer to use their Cannabis leaf in a breakfast smoothie. When we make smoothies, we simply add a tablespoon of crushed leaf to fresh frozen fruit, a spoon of nut butter, a teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous Earth, and almond milk. It makes for a tasty breakfast, especially in the spring and summer months. By not decarboxylating the Cannabis, it works well on inflammation, Parkinson’s and other tremors, as well as some types of seizures. Inflammation is the basis of most all disease, so staving it off is paramount.

Where do you get this leaf? Well, in Oregon we are blessed, we’re allowed to grow our own or we can go to the dispensary and purchase it. I am told that some dispensaries do sell the “sugar leaf” at a reasonable price. It makes wonderful tea, and in fact it may make it stronger than you like. If you want just “water leaf” as it is called, come see me and I will give you enough for a couple cups of tea.

If you’d like to learn more about using Cannabis as medicine, call 541-981-2620 and schedule a consultation with Rhea. It will be the best $40 you’ve spent in quite some time, guaranteed! Chances are, she will even give you samples so you’re sure she’s figured out your situation!

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