Chill Those Hot Flashes With CBD!

By Rhea Graham

I only recommend full plant medicine, never an isolate, but a plant high in CBD is likely the one that will stop those pesky hot flashes.  In recent months at a speaking event, I shared CBD brownies.  One guest, in particular, used hers and noticed that her hot flashes were vastly improved when she ran out.  She obtained more and has gotten her dose dialed in with capsules and is no longer suffering and is helping to educate her friends and family.

How do you get started?  You need a trusted source.  If it’s sold in a grocery store it isn’t what you are after. In the grocery store, you will find products with “Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil” which is the very same hemp seed oil you’ve been able to buy for years. Hemp Seed Oil is full of Omega 3’s and 6’s and is a wonderful product, but it’s not what you are after if you are looking for CBD.

Local dispensaries sell CBD in a variety of ways, most often in gummy bears and chocolates.  There is virtually no medicinal value in sugar, so you are losing part of the benefit before you even get started if you’re taking it in a sugar bath.

CBD is also sold in a “Concentrate” form, typically in a syringe.  Some will tell you to “put a dose under your tongue about the size of a grain of rice”.  My thought on that method is that you are wasting a lot of oil more often than not. Often times a lot more than you planned on will squirt out of the syringe and it’s next to impossible to get it back in, so you take far more than needed.   Mixing it with the appropriate carrier oil will allow your medicine to travel where needed more efficiently.

To learn how to mix and measure your CBD into capsules, call and schedule a class with me while they last.  I cover all kinds of wonderful information, you are sure to learn just what you need to know to begin your healing journey!

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