Relief from Shingles is possible! by Rhea Graham

If you’ve been infected with it, you know how painful the Shingles condition is. Typically only one side of the body is affected and most often above the waist. I have worked with a number of shingles patients, most recently with one who had a breakout covering half his face and the inside of his mouth. Talk about painful! He was unable to smile, could barely speak, and could barely eat or drink.

Lucky for everyone involved, this patient works with a gentleman whose wife had heard me speak on Cannabis as Medicine. When Patient #1 had an outbreak, she sent him to me; we got him cleared in short order he was incredibly relieved so when this friend showed up at work in excruciating pain from shingles, he confidently sent him my way. Patient #2 had been to his doctor twice looking for relief and was told it would be 5 weeks and he’d feel better.

Five weeks? Who has five weeks to deal with pain as severe as Shingles? I sure don’t and I bet you don’t, either! My new best friend didn’t either! Ten days after his first visit I followed up and asked how it was going. This is his response: “I just so happen to be off today! Plan on returning to work tomorrow, no more sores on my face and only a few sores on my lower gums. The pain has gone down much further, I’d say I’m 90-95%. Thank you so much!”

I knew he would be better in no time, and by the time he left here after his first consultation, he was sure he had found the answer. I let him know as I do everyone, you can’t spell healTHCare without THC and you certainly can’t spell pHARMaceuticals without HARM! So many times, the side effects are worse than the original condition. Please take the time to learn which natural remedy will work for your pain or other conditions, the life you save may be your own!

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