Side effects of Cannabis Use by Rhea Graham

The side effects I witness most often at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research are: wellness, open-mindedness, great sleep, pain relief, remission of anxiety, improved bone density, ability and willingness to laugh; the feelings of euphoria or being relaxed, creative, and happy. Patients develop an ability to better cope with what is going on with their health and all enjoy some degree of relief from the symptoms or conditions they have. They enjoy a sense of well-being. A fed EndoCannabinoid System is a happy one more often than not.

One side effect that not everyone is happy about is sudden bouts of laughter, when there isn’t anything particularly funny, or maybe it’s a private matter that is funny. While that may be a bit awkward, isn’t it better than tears? Laughter is, after all, good medicine. I don’t have any advice for stopping it; I recommend you simply enjoy it!

Some strains can bring on dry mouth, dry eyes, or paranoia. Because Cannabis is biphasic, it can also bring on anxiety, pain, insomnia, depression and tachycardia with too high of a dose. This is where micro-dosing proves effective once again. Micro-dosing precludes one from “getting high” and treats many conditions effectively.

The side effects of “cotton mouth” and “red eye” are what make strains good for both glaucoma and macular degeneration, two eye diseases that cause enormous inconvenience for more than three million Americans. I found reliable information saying cotton mouth causing property works just like the prescription drug and, “increases the outflow of the fluid, as well as increasing the production”.

Strains that cause “red eye” are doing that because Cannabis is a vasodilator and expands the blood vessels in the eye. This is useful in treating both glaucoma and macular conditions. Impaired blood supply causes gradual vision loss with Macular Degeneration – does that mean we can prevent it with Cannabis use?

Other side effects of Cannabis include an end to nausea and vomiting, reduced inflammation and pain, stimulated appetite, muscle relaxant and homeostasis which is perfect balance. “I’ll take Smokeless Cannabis Remedies for the win!”

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